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Birchwood Condominium Corporation No. 882 0814

The Condominium Corporation was established in 1988 as a Bare Land Condominium. There are 171 lots registered in the Plan.

The Condominium Corporation consists of the areas know as Aspen Hill, Aspen Grove, Cedar Glen, Oak Place, Willow Ridge and Poplar Point. The Condominium Corporation does not include any part of the Golf Course or its Clubhouse.


The Condominium Corporation is self-managed through its Board of Directors. All Directors are volunteers and are also lot owners. Each year at the Annual General Meeting, new members to the Board of Directors are elected.

Condominium Fees

The Board of Directors develops an annual budget presented at the Annual General Meeting. The annual budget is divided equally by the 171 lot owners. Condo fees can be paid annually, semi-annually or monthly by post-dated cheques. The Board would appreciate all lot owners adhering to the schedule outlined in the Notice of Assessment. All operations of the Condominium Corporation are governed by the Alberta Condominium Property Act, by the By-laws of the Condominium Corporation and by the Rules and Regulations.

The Condominium Corporation currently supplies and pays the following:

  • Grounds Maintenance – roads on common property are graded, snow is removed, and roads are sanded as required. Common property, including ditches, are mowed or trimmed as required.
  • Site Services – a contractor provides daily security checks of all common property.
  • Water Services – a contractor provides daily collection of water samples for testing and reports to Environment Canada.
  • Kubota tractor maintenance and repair.
  • Plumbing maintenance and repair to the water system and wells on common property.
  • Electrical maintenance and repair to distribution boxes.
  • Bridge maintenance and repairs.
  • Garbage dumpster maintenance.
  • Condominium Corporation office and meeting expenses.
  • Professional services such as accounting, auditing, and legal.
  • Insurance coverage for common property directors and contractors.
  • Other services for common property, such as street lights, telephone, electricity, and natural gas.

Annual General Meeting

For all lot owners – This meeting is held the first Saturday in June at the Birchwood Center (2010 Willow Ridge Park, Lindale Alberta) at 10:00 a.m.

Regular Board Meetings

Regular Board Meetings are ordinarily held once a month from Spring to Fall. Can’t attend a meeting? Download copies of all Board Minutes here.


The Board wants to remind you that living in a rural community such as ours, with fairly steep inclines; you may encounter some problematic conditions with roads. This is especially true in winter months. Some modifications in driving styles may be required:

  • Winter snow and ice tires are a definite asset.
  • Choosing an alternative travel pattern whenever possible (i.e. avoiding heading up steep hills when leaving your driveway).
  • Avoiding spinning your tires which causes roads to ice and become very rough. Dust and bumpy roads are a typical summer driving concern. Obeying speed limits and being a courteous driver will be appreciated by all.

As we want Birchwood to continue to be a safe and pleasant community, drivers who cause undue problems should be reported to our Site Services contractor, Bruce Swanston (780-621-1852), and/or the RCMP.

Birchwood Condo Association Roads
Birchwood Condo Pet Information


Lot owners shall ensure that no pet will be allowed to run loose. Pet owners are solely responsible for clean-up after their pet(s).

Barking must be kept under reasonable control at all times. No more than two dogs shall be permitted on any lot.

Development Applications

Board approval must be obtained prior to commencement of any site grading, any form of ground disturbance and building development, improvements, or relocations. This must also conform to Brazeau County regulations. Please refer to our Rules and Regulations, Section D, for further information. Contact the Site Services Board member for more information.

Prior to any ground disturbances Utility Safety Partners (formerly known as Alberta One Call) must be contacted.


Gas, water, power and telephone are supplied to the lot line.

  • Water – The Condominium Corporation currently operates and maintains four common water wells. Water is supplied to lot owners through a Condominium-owned and maintained water distribution system. The system operates year-round and is chlorinated and monitored in accordance with Alberta Government regulations. The cost of water is currently included in Condominium fees.
  • Power – Power is supplied by Fortis and billed directly to lot owners. Power to street lights and Common Property is paid for by the Condominium Corporation.
  • Natural Gas – Natural gas is supplied by Buck Mountain Gas Co-op and billed directly to lot owners.
  • Telephone – Land telephone service is provided by Telus and billed directly to lot owners.
  • Sewer – Each lot owner must install a holding tank for all waste water. NO WASTE WATER IS ALLOWED TO BE DUMPED ANYWHERE WITHIN THE CONDOMINIUM. Owners must pay and may choose the septic contractor they prefer to pump out their septic tank.
  • Garbage – A common collection bin is located at the bottom of the hill at the junction of the roads entering Cedar Glen and Oak Place. Lot owners must transport their own garbage to this bin. The cost to have this bin emptied is paid for by the Condominium Corporation. THE BIN IS FOR HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE ONLY – ABSOLUTELY NO CONSTRUCTION WASTE IS ALLOWED.

    Larger items must be transported by lot owners to the Lindale Transfer Station or directly to the Drayton Valley Regional Landfill. Environmentally hazardous materials are the responsibility of the lot owners to be disposed of in the appropriate manner. Residents are encouraged to recycle at the Lindale Transfer Station or the Drayton Valley Regional Landfill.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are payable each year to Brazeau County. The amount is based on the assessed value of your lot and improvements.

Important Information

To ensure that you receive all mail-outs and that you can vote at the Annual General Meeting, please provide the Board of Directors a copy of your Certificate of Title, your name, address and telephone number as soon as possible to one of the following:


Mailing Address
Condominium Corporation No. 882 0814
P.O. Box 134
Lindale, AB T0C 1W0


Physical Address
Birchwood Center
2010 Willow Ridge Park
Mailbox is located beside the door on the left-hand side.

Download Our Information Sheet below:

About Birchwood Condominium Corporation No. 882 0814
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